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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Pruning, Winterization | 0 comments

Ornamental Grass Pruning Times

Ornamental Grass Pruning Times

Ornamental grasses are popular in landscapes because they have many desirable characteristics that last through the seasons. They are frequently used for their nice soft green vertical nature in the spring and summertime. Many people like them for the showy seed head plumes throughout the summer and into fall. During winter, most homeowners leave their dried grasses as they provide a variant winter contrast against the blanket of snow. However, in the late winter/ early spring they can look pretty damaged from the snow accumulation and winter winds.

In Denver, now is a great time to maintain your ornamental grasses and get them prepared for spring.  Around mid-March, prune the grasses back so that only 3-6” of the grass stalks remain. It’s a quick way to refresh your landscape, encourage better moisture penetration and get them ready for the next growing season.

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